Table. 1—

1 Patient characteristics prior to inclusion to the study

Patient No.Age yrsSexBMI kg·m−2SAPS II score#Murray ScorePa,O2/FI,O2 mmHgPa,CO2mmHgFI,O2PEEPe cmH2OVT L/VT mL·kg−1 PBWP2,aw cmH2ORespiratory diseaseOutcome
150M22.4513.2596.348.20.7110.49/6.925.3Staphylococcus Pneumonia+S
240M21.7523.5094.449.20.7120.48/7.126.6Legionella Pneumonia§S
343F21.3593.7591.151.10.8130.51/9.135.0Streptococcus Pneumonia+D
433M22.2533.5088.952.30.8130.49/7.129.3Legionella Pneumonia§S
526M23.1544.0079.052.50.8140.5/7.033.2Staphylococcus Pneumonia+D
652F20.7613.7583.348.80.8140.5/8.532.9Klebsiella Pneumonia+S
747M23.5503.2593.852.40.7110.5/7.127.7Streptococcus Pneumonia+S
837M21.7824.0076.050.90.9160.45/6.239.5Staphylococcus Pneumonia+D
944M21.4794.0079.150.30.9160.46/6.339.8Staphylococcus Pneumonia+D
1034F22.6623.2593.349.30.8140.49/8.429.1Streptococcus Pneumonia+S
  • Patient No. refers to the order of enrolment to the study. Patients were mechanically ventilated at volume assist-control mode; inspiratory flow ranged within 0.6–0.9 L·s−1; respiratory rate (range 19–28·min−1) was adjusted to maintain an arterial pH of ≥7.30. For males, predicted body weight was calculated as  = 50+(Height (cm)–152.4)×0.91; for females, 50 was replaced by 45.5. Patients weaned from mechanical ventilation and discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU) were considered as survivors. BMI: body mass index; SAPS II: simplified acute physiology score II; Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension; FI,O2: inspiratory oxygen fraction; Pa,CO2: carbon dioxide arterial tension; PEEPe: externally applied positive end-expiratory pressure; VT: tidal volume; PBW: predicted body weight; P2,aw: plateau tracheal pressure; M: male; S: survival; F: female; D: death (in the ICU). #: on ICU admission; : variables recorded just prior to study enrolment, whilst there was no patient-ventilator asynchrony in any case; +: microorganism isolated in tracheobronchial aspirates (positive cut-off value = 105 colony forming units·mL−1); §: diagnosis established by PCR for Legionella and detection of Legionella antigen in urine.