Table. 1—

1 Demographics and baseline characteristics of patients with cirrhosis and severe portopulmonary hypertension

Patient No.SexAge yrsAetiologyLiver biopsyPrevious complications#SmokingVC % predFEV1/VCDL,CO % pred
StatusConsumption pack-yrs
1M51Alcohol abuseNoV, SCS101127156
3M42Alcohol abuseYesV, SCS25757546
4F48Hepatitis CYesV, SCS20686551
5M51Alcohol abuseNoV, S, ACS20907570
6F62Alcohol abuseYesV, VB, S, AEx10915838
7F55CryptogenicYesV, VB, SNS01115741
8F37Biliary atresiaNoV, SNS01017966
9M51Alcohol abuseNoA, SEx7878575
10F41Alcohol abuseNoV, ACS20897757
11F63Alcohol abuseNoV, A, SNS0586050
  • VC: vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; DL,CO: carbon monoxide diffusing capacity of the lung; M: male; F: female; V: oesophagogastric varices; S: splenomegaly; A: ascites; VB: variceal bleeding; CS: current smoker; NS: nonsmoker; Ex: ex-smoker; % pred: percentage of the predicted value. #: of portal hypertension; : patient suffered from cirrhosis, pulmonary hypertension and a sinus venous defect with right-to-left shunting.