Table. 1—

Demographics, lung function, arterial blood gas levels and aerobic capacity before flight#

Absolute valueRelative value % pred
 Age yrs60±7 (49–73)
 Height cm174±10 (156–189)
 Weight kg79±20 (46–120)
Resting values
 FVC L2.85±0.89 (1.45–4.55)74±18 (49–107)
 FEV1 L1.51±0.61 (0.65–2.64)50±17 (18–78)
TL,CO mmol·min-1·kPa-15.67±2.83 (2.00–11.22)62±30 (25–106)
Pa,O2,SL kPa10.3±1.2 (8.6–12.1)
Sp,O2,SL %96±1 (94–98)
Pa,CO2,SL kPa5.0±0.4 (4.3–5.6)
Exercise data
 Aerobic capacity mL·min-1·kg-120.6±5.3 (13.8–34.8)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd (range). % pred: percentage of the predicted value; FVC: forced vital capacity; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; TL,CO: single-breath transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide; Pa,O2,SL: arterial oxygen tension at sea level; Sp,O2,SL: percutaneous oxygen saturation at sea level; Pa,CO2,SL: arterial carbon dioxide tension at sea level. #: n = 18, with the exception of aerobic capacity (n = 17); : maximum oxygen consumption during treadmill exercise divided by weight.