Table 5—

Cox's regression analysis#: summary of results

Variables exploredValid subjects nOverall Chi-squaredp-valueHR (95% CI)
Alarm symptoms only127796.593<0.001
 No symptom0.763 (0.621–0.937)
 Symptoms of local or distant dissemination1.955 (1.573–2.431)
 Systemic symptoms1.787 (1.446–2.208)
 Chest pain1.532 (1.278–1.838)
 Dyspnoea1.539 (1.263–1.877)
Alarm symptoms and the main PF+1256436.137<0.001
 ECOG PS1.504 (1.390–1.628)
 Stage of disease1.309 (1.259–1.359)
 Chest infection0.586 (0.454–0.753)
 Cough0.718 (0.603–0.855)
 WL0.985 (0.975–0.995)
 Bloody sputum0.800 (0.673–0.950)
Alarm symptoms and any other potential PFƒ
 All the alarm symptoms and 31 other pretreatment variables1147672.609<0.001
  • HR: hazard ratio; CI: confidence interval; PF: prognostic factors; ECOG PS: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status; WL: weight loss (% of usual body weight). #: stepwise forward regression (likelihood ratio); : No symptom, local invasion symptoms, systemic symptoms, chest pain, dyspnoea; +: ECOG PS, stage, chest infection, cough, WL, bloody sputum; ƒ: ECOG PS, stage, tissue polypeptide antigen, primary treatment, white blood cell count, lactate dehydrogenase, WL, chest infection, smoking habit, liver metastasis, N factor, cough, age, T factor, brain metastasis, small cell type, glutamic oxalacetic transaminase