Table 2—
Programme monitoring
 TB/HIV policyNational policy or guidelines with TB/HIV links
 TB/HIV financing %Budget spent on TB/HIV×100Total budget for HIV/AIDS and/or TBMIS#/annually
 TB/HIV coverage %Areas, units or groups working in TB/HIV×100Total areas units or groupsMIS/annually
 IPT access %PLWHA (adults) who started IPT×100Total PLWHA (adults) needing IPT+MIS/annually
 Environmental control of TB %HIV settings§ with environmental measures for TBƒ×100Total HIV settings
 PEP access %TB healthcare workers who received PEP×100Total TB healthcare workers exposed to HIV
 VCT access %TB cases counselled for HIV testing×100Total TB casesMIS/annually
 VCT positivity rate %New TB cases found to be HIV positive×100Total new TB cases counselled and tested for HIVMIS/quarterly
 TB diagnosis access %New VCT clients screened for TB×100Total new VCT clientsMIS/quarterly
 TB treatment outcome %PLWHA by TB treatment outcome×100Total PLWHA registered for TB treatmentMIS/quarterly
Epidemiological surveillance
 TB notification rate in PLWHA %New PLWHA notified with TB (all forms)×100Total new PLWHA notifiedSurvey/annually
 HIV prevalence in TB cases %TB cases testing HIV-positive×100Total TB cases tested for HIVSurvey**/annually
 TB mortality among PLWHA per 1000PLWHA dying from TB×1000Total PLWHAMIS/annually
  • *: all indicators must refer to the standards established by national policies and guidelines

  • #: management information system

  • : referring to any implementation setting, such as administrative (district), geographical (settlement), health facility or high-risk population

  • +: people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) needing isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) are those with a positive tuberculin skin test who have had active TB ruled out

  • §: referring to any setting previously identified in which HIV-infected people are routinely brought together

  • ƒ: environmental measures for TB as defined by the national TB programme

  • **: serosurveillance with unlinked anonymous HIV testing

  • see also the relevant guidelines 46

  • PEP: postexposure prophylaxis

  • VCT: voluntary counselling and testing