Table 3

Quality of communication questionnaire (QOC) association with healthcare communication items, general satisfaction with care and comfort discussing dying

Spearman correlations with QOC score (p-value)
Communication items
 How would you rate your treatment discussions that you have had with your physician?#0.68 (0.0001)
 Rate your doctor's overall communication#0.67 (0.0001)
Satisfaction with care
 How skilled and knowledgeable is your physician?0.24 (0.01)
 How would your rate the overall care you have received from your doctor?#0.52 (0.0001)
Comfort discussing death
 How comfortable is your doctor about talking about dying?#0.71 (0.0001)
  • #: 1–10 with 0=very worst and 10=very best

  • : 1=not at all, 2=somewhat, 3=quite, 4=very, 5=extremely