Table 3

Comparison of survivors and nonsurvivors

Subjects %4060
Age yrs54.7±7.752.1±9.0ns
BMI kg·m−227.0±4.326.7±3.3ns
Isch.:Idio. %61:3947:53ns
NYHA 2:3:432:52:1653:43:4ns
LVEF %19.7±8.420.0±6.4ns
PCWP mmHg17.3±8.116.0±8.5ns
AHI n·h−117.7±16.217.6±18.9ns
Min. Sp,O2 %83.2±0.781.0±0.9ns
SDB present %7170ns
 N %2930ns
 OSA %2630ns
 CSA %4540ns
  • F: female

  • M: male

  • BMI: body mass index

  • Isch.: ischemic cardiomyopathy

  • Idio.: idiopathic cardiomyopathy

  • NYHA: New York Heart Association

  • LVEF: left ventricular ejection fraction

  • PCWP: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure

  • AHI: apnoea/hypopnoea index

  • min. Sp,O2: minimum arterial oxygen saturation as measured by pulse oximetry

  • SDB: sleep-disordered breathing

  • N: no apnoea

  • OSA: obstructive sleep apnoea

  • CSA: central sleep apnoea

  • ns: nonsignificant