Table 5

Effect of tiotropium (pooled AM and PM) versus placebo on pre- and post-sleep forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) and forced vital capacity (FVC)

TiotropiumPlaceboDifferencep-value95% CI
Pre-sleep FEV1 L0.91 (0.03)0.72 (0.05)0.190.0020.07–0.31
 Patients n4015
Post-sleep FEV1 L0.81 (0.02)0.64 (0.03)0.170.00010.09–0.26
 Patients n3816
Pre-sleep FVC L2.18 (0.07)1.87 (0.12)0.310.0270.04–0.58
 Patients n4015
Post-sleep FVC L1.94 (0.06)1.58 (0.09)0.360.0010.15–0.57
 Patients n3816
  • Data are presented as mean (se) from the patient population with total sleep time of at least 2 h (n=56)

  • Means are adjusted for end-point baseline and baseline arterial oxygen tension

  • Overall mean baseline FEV1: pre-sleep: 0.84 L

  • post-sleep: 0.76 L

  • Overall mean baseline FVC: pre-sleep: 2.03 L; post-sleep: 1.79 L