Table 4

Effect of tiotropium (pooled AM and PM) versus placebo on duration of sleep stages, latency to persistent sleep and latency to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep

StageOverall mean baselineTiotropiumPlaceboDifferencep-value
Subjects n4016
Awake120.3110.0 (9.8)120.3 (15.7)−10.30.585
Stage I40.539.4 (4.9)50.8 (7.7)−11.40.219
Stage II158.8168.1 (10.1)147.0 (16.1)21.10.275
Stage III/IV40.435.2 (4.6)47.9 (7.3)−12.70.146
REM37.852.1 (4.6)51.1 (7.4)1.00.906
Total sleep time277.4294.4 (11.1)297.8 (17.6)−3.40.871
Total sleep period397.7408.7 (12.0)408.2 (19.2)0.50.982
Latency to persistent sleep30.832.2 (5.3)40.9 (8.0)−8.70.370
 Subjects n3616
Latency to REM sleep120.497.5 (9.5)89.7 (17.0)7.80.695
 Subjects n3612
  • Data are presented as mean (SE) unless otherwise stated and are from the patient population with total sleep time of at least 2 h

  • Means are adjusted for baseline stage duration and baseline arterial oxygen tension

  • Latency to persistent sleep is the time in minutes to the first period of stage II sleep