Table 3

Oxygen saturation (%) during total sleep time and differences between treatment groups at end of study

ComparisonTiotropium-AMTiotropium-PMTiotropium pooledPlaceboDifference in % pointsp-value95% CI
Subjects n21183913
Tiotropium-AM versus placebo89.83 (0.84)87.82 (1.05)2.010.141−0.69–4.71
Tiotropium-PM versus placebo90.88 (0.92)87.823.060.0350.23–5.91
Tiotropium pooled versus placebo90.31 (0.61)87.822.490.0470.02–4.93
  • Data are presented as mean (se) unless otherwise stated and are from the patient population with total sleep time of at least 2 h

  • Means are adjusted for baseline arterial oxygen saturation (Sa,O2) and arterial oxygen tension

  • Overall mean baseline Sa,O2 during total sleep time=89.58%