Table 4

The variables selected for threshold analysis and its results (base case)

VariableRangeTVOptimal strategy, if variable value <TVOptimal strategy, if variable value >TV
 pPCRPOS10.35–0.70No threshold
 pPCRPOS20.001–0.09No threshold
 MDRISO4500–6000No threshold
  • TV: threshold value

  • pSMPOS1: probability of smear-positive patients

  • pPCRPOS1: probability of smear and polymerase chain reaction (PCR)‐positive patients

  • pPCRPOS2: probability of smear-negative, PCR‐positive patients

  • TBISO: isolation of drug-sensitive tuberculosis (TB) patient for 14 days

  • MDRISO: isolation of multidrug-resistant TB patient for 14 days

  • #: set of three PCR tests per patient