Table 2

Oxygen saturation (%) during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and differences between treatment groups at end of study

ComparisonTiotropium-AMTiotropium-PMTiotropium pooledPlaceboDifference in % pointsp-value95% CI
Subjects n19173611
Tiotropium-AM versus placebo89.97 (0.59)87.56 (0.76)2.410.0160.48–4.33
Tiotropium-PM versus placebo89.98 (0.62)87.562.420.0200.41–4.43
Tiotropium pooled versus placebo89.98 (0.41)87.562.410.0080.68–4.15
  • Data are presented as mean (se) unless otherwise stated and are from the patient population with total sleep time of at least 2 h

  • Some patients did not have any REM sleep at baseline or end of study

  • Means are adjusted for baseline arterial oxygen saturation (Sa,O2) and arterial oxygen tension. Overall mean baseline Sa,O2 during REM sleep=88.74%