Table 6—

Regression parameters obtained from the literature for plateau maximal inspiratory mouth pressure (PI,max) sustained for 1.0 s# measured at residual volume

First author [Ref.]YearPI,max unitsFemalesMales
Subjects nAge yrsWeight kgHeight cmSubjects nAge yrsWeight kgHeight cm
Black 51969cmH2O60−0.5160−0.55
Wilson 81984cmH2O870.7148−1.03
Vincken 91987cmH2O60−0.6746−0.82
Enright 11#1994cmH2O1602−0.8050.1331269−1.270.131
Harik‐Khan 131998cmH2O128−0.690.86−0.74139−1.030.343
McConnell 151999cmH2O22−0.6011.6520.20917−0.713−2.1171.323
Carpenter 141999cmH2O7197−0.93 5808−1.20
Hautmann 162000kPa256−0.024248−0.051+ + +
Present study2003kPa304−0.08+0.04+ + 229−0.04+0.06+ +
  • #: peak maximal inspiratory mouth pressure measured in 11

  • : regression parameter listed only for age

  • for different prediction equations for selected regression models, see 14

  • +: body mass index was also a significant predictor or was included in the prediction equation

  • 1 cmH2O=0.098 kPa