Table 5—

Regression parameters for peak maximal inspiratory mouth pressure (PI,peak) and plateau maximal inspiratory mouth pressure sustained for 1.0 s (PI,max,1.0) in the final model

Subjects n229304
P I,peak
 Age yrs−0.05#−0.04*−0.09***−0.08***
 Weight kg0.05*0.05*0.04*0.05#
 BMI kg·m−20.27**0.20**0.11*0.14***
P I,max,1.0
 Age yrs−0.04*−0.04**−0.08***−0.07***
 Weight kg0.06**0.05*0.04**0.04#
 BMI kg·m−20.24#0.18*0.11*0.13***
  • RV: residual volume

  • FRC: functional residual capacity

  • BMI: body mass index

  • *: p<0.05

  • **: p<0.01

  • #: p<0.005

  • ***: p<0.001