Table 1

Details of patients and controls studied

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup B–D
 Mean±sd age yrs T024.1±10.320.5±5.418.6±1.926.3±10.223.0±8.4
 Median age yrs21.920.918.326.825.1
 Age range yrs0.8–48.012.5–29.26.0–209.0–52.06.0–52.0
 Mean±sd FEV1 % pred Y‐153±2453±2658±1132±1540±18
 Mean±sd BMI Y‐119.5±4.018.4±2.521.3±6.117.4±2.618.5±3.4
 Mean±sd age yrs T024.6±9.419.8±5.521.3±6.526.5±11.025.1±9.2
 Median age yrs24.019.92027.126.3
 Age range yrs8.5–42.013.2–27.214.0–30.910.0–55.810.9–55.8
 Mean±sd FEV1 % pred Y‐151±2355±2355±1634±1540±18
 Mean±sd BMI Y‐119.4±3.218.2±3.319.7±2.219.4±2.419.2±2.5
  • Group A: single isolate or cluster of positive isolates for <1 month, then cleared completely (n=26)

  • Group B: several isolates during a period of ≤1 yr, then cleared (n=8)

  • Group C: recurrent isolates for >1 yr, then cleared (n=5)

  • Group D: regular isolates of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia that never cleared, or recurrent isolates and death occurring <1 yr after first isolation, never clearing before death (n=13)

  • M: male

  • F: female

  • T0: time of acquisition of S. maltophilia

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • Y‐1: year prior to acquisition

  • BMI: body mass index

  • FEV1 and BMI were measured in the year prior to first isolation of S. maltophilia for the patients