Table 3

Mortality from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) among male construction workers according to exposure to different agents

ExposureDeaths from COPD nRelative risk 95% CIIndividuals nPerson-years
Inorganic dust4231.16 (1.05–1.28)1543242911313
Gases and irritants1271.18 (0.98–1.41)52434921677
Fumes1651.22 (1.04–1.42)696571319629
Wood dust350.77 (0.53–1.07)21479381351
Any airborne exposure5231.12 (1.03–1.22)2007353746488
  • CI: confidence interval

  • A man can be included in more than one exposed category

  • Analysed with the person-years method stratified for smoking and age