Table 1

Basic data on a cohort of 317,629 male Swedish construction workers divided into the different major exposure groups

ExposureSubjects nPerson-years nS %XS %NS %US %Year of birthExamination
Inorganic dust154324291131337.814.841.86.51943.5±17.11978.3±6.4
Gases and irritants5243492167743.013.439.15.51946.7±17.51979.9±6.8
Wood dust2147938135146.213.535.35.81946.0±18.21979.7±7.2
Any airborne exposure200735374648838.214.641.56.61942.8±17.01978.6±6.5
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated

  • Smoking habits at start of follow-up divided into the following

  • S: smokers

  • XS: exsmokers

  • NS: never-smokers

  • and US: unknown smoking habits

  • Note that an individual can occur in more than one category