Table 1

Characteristics of cohort subjects according to regular therapy

Bronchodilator use (reference)ICS use
During entire follow-upFollowed by ICS useFirst regular therapyAfter bronchodilator use
Subjects n1738993951993
Subjects excluding <6 months follow-up# n1597646930932
Age at cohort entry mean±sd74.7±9.470.4±8.271.1±8.670.6±8.2
Male sex %58.457.449.756.6
Use of COPD medications %
 Nebulised β2‐agonists8.
 Oral corticosteroids4.
COPD hospitalisation %
  • ICS: inhaled corticosteroids

  • IB: ipratropium bromide

  • SABA: short-acting β‐agonist

  • COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • #: to be consistent with criteria used in the previously published study 12

  • : during 6‐month period prior to cohort entry