Table 4

Daytime sleepiness, cognitive functions, and quality of life before and after six months of follow-up in patients with <30 apnoea and hypopnoea per hour of sleep

MeasureNCPAPNo treatmentp‐value*
BeforeAfter 6 monthsDifferenceBeforeAfter 6 monthsDifference
Percentage of positive responses to NHP items26.5±20.716.2±14.89.7±14.019.9±14.715.8±15.74.0±7.77×10−2
NHP scores by dimension
 Physical mobility16.2±16.514.5±15.82.1±10.98.9±10.911.6±18.9− 2.1±14.00.21
 Social isolation16.3±23.77.9±19.68.7±16.813.3±22.38.4±21.44.9±22.60.45
 Emotional reactions24.3±28.79.7±16.915.5±22.224.2±23.614.5±18.29.6±12.20.20
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated

  • NCPAP: nasal continuous positive airway pressure

  • ESS: Epworth Sleepiness Scale

  • TTB/TTA: ratio of trail making test B to trail making test A

  • NHP: Nottingham Health Profile

  • *: Wilcoxon test comparing the change over time (difference) observed in each group (continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) versus waiting for CPAP)