Table 1—

Unit costs of the most important types of healthcare utilisation in 2001 Euros

The NetherlandsBelgium*
Day general/pulmonary ward222256
Day ICU1110769
Visit to pulmonologist5252
Visit to GP1715
Visit to nurse/physiotherapist1914
Visit to emergency room9870
Complete spirometry3433
Chest radiographs4213
Tiotropium (public price per day)1.571.80
Ipratropium (public price per day)#0.330.29
  • GP: general practitioner

  • ICU; intensive care unit

  • *: In the base-case analysis, trial-wide resource use is multiplied with Dutch unit costs

  • As the Belgian unit costs are used in sensitivity analyses, these costs are also reported in this table

  • #: Price of ipratropium based on administration by the metered dose inhaler