Table 4

()-()Short term within day intraindividual variability of forced oscillation technique FOT indices in adult, healthy subjects and patients

ReferenceFOT indexSubjects studied%CV
48 R rs10 Healthy subjects11.3
49 R rs8 Healthy subjects8.3
50 |Zrs10|Asthmatics4.9
12 R –rs432 Healthy subjects4.7
30 R rs10 Healthy subjects9.8
51 R rs10 Healthy subjects8.6
COPD patients8.8
52 R rs6 Patients with airway obstruction15.2
52 R -rs626 Patients with airway obstruction12.1
  • Rrs6, Rrs8, Rrs10: Rrs  measured at 6, 8 or 10Hz

  • |Zrs10 |: modulus at 10Hz

  • CV: coefficient of variation