Table 2

(Prediction equations for the average resistance Rrs())(0, average reactance Xrs())(0 and slope of resistance to frequency Rrs())1, and the residual sd( Rsd)

Rrs()=−+–+(00.2454.H0.001564.W0.00055.A0.5919 Rsd=)0.0493
Rrs()=–––(10.00842.H0.000047.W0.000018.A0.0095 Rsd=)0.00197
Xrs()=–––(00.1479.H0.000402.W0.00022.A0.1721 Rsd=)0.0306
Rrs()=−+–+(00.4300.H0.00165.W0.00070.A0.9312 Rsd=)0.0619
Rrs()=–––(10.01176.H0.000106.W0.000045.A0.00817 Rsd=)0.00256
Xrs()=–––(00.2487.H0.001700.W0.00053.A0.2158 Rsd=)0.0406
  • Rrs()0 and Xrs()··0 in kPasL−1, Rrs()·1 in kPas2·L−1

  • ()H: height m

  • ()W: weight kg

  • ()A: age yrs

  • Reproduced with permission from 32