Table 1

Data on sex, weight, lung volume (LV) and mean chord length (Lm) for the effect of dexamethasone (Dex) followed by retinoic acid (RA)

GroupSex nWeight gLV cm2LV/weight cm3·g−1Lm µmSA cm3Normalised SA to weight cm2·100 g−1
PBS/oilM 640.9±1.20.938±0.010.02274.85±1.39501.3122.57
F 229.7±12.80.833±10.060.02868.06±3.27489.5164.81
Dex onlyM 329.9±1.820.958±0.010.032127.77±5.97299.9100.34
F 426.9±1.600.897±0.010.033104/43±5.24343.6127.73
Dex/RAM 631.98±0.550.987±0.020.03188.89±4.46444.1138.87
F 425.62±0.620.911±0.030.03584.113±6.94433.2169.13
  • SA: surface area

  • PBS: phosphate-buffered saline