Table 5

Biomarkers of inflammation

Controlled asthmaSevere asthmaControlled versus severe asthma
Peripheral WBC
 Subjects n130162ns
 Total count ×109·L−16.7±1.78.6±3.4<0.05
 Monocytes %7.2±2.46.5±2.1ns
 Neutrophils %57.3±8.361.2±12.1<0.05
 Lymphocytes %30.4±7.127.1±9.3ns
 Eosinophils %4.1±3.14.4±5.0ns
 Basophils %0.7±0.80.7±0.8ns
Urinary mediators
 Subjects n136153
 LTE4 ng·mmol−1 creatinine48±5.858±7.7#<0.05
 EPX µg·mmol−1 creatinine45±4.662±9.3#<0.05
Exhaled NO
 Subjects n4550
 Geometric mean ppb# (95% CI)9.2 (7.0–7.3)9.8 (7.3–13.2)ns
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise indicated

  • WBC: white blood count

  • LTE4: leukotriene E4: EPX: eosinophil protein X

  • NO: nitric oxide

  • CI: confidence interval

  • #: age and sex adjusted