Table 4

Occupational exposure and job exposure matrix (JEM) by airway disease diagnosis

Chronic bronchitis alone %COPD or emphysema# %Any COPD %Asthma alone %No chronic airway disease %p‐value+
Subjects n1891883771291555
Self-reported VGDF exposure§4257504232<0.001
 Combustion byproducts29463727240.30
 Inorganic dusts or fumes23342816160.04
 Organic dusts15231912110.38
JEM exposure probability0.01
  • COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • VGDF: vapours, gases, dusts or fumes

  • #: narrower definition of COPD, excluding those with chronic bronchitis alone

  • : reported physician diagnoses of emphysema, COPD and/or chronic bronchitis with or without a concomitant diagnosis of asthma

  • +: comparison among any COPD, asthma alone (without COPD) and all others

  • §: categories not mutually exclusive (97 individuals reported occupational exposures that did not correspond to any category)

  • ƒ: includes never employed