Table 2

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing results at baseline and 3 months after addition of bosentan treatment

Baseline3 monthsp‐value
Work rate W43±2063±17<0.0001
fc,max beats·min−1133±16139±160.03
VO2,max mL·min−1·kg−111.0±2.313.8±3.6<0.0001
AT mL·min−1·kg−110.2±2.211.7±2.90.007
Peak oxygen pulse mL·beat−15.7±1.56.8±2.00.0004
VE,max L·min−145.8±14.557.6±15.0<0.0001
VE/VCO2 at AT#52.3±14.944.9±10.30.004
Peak SBP mmHg120±17139±21<0.0001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd

  • fc,max: maximal cardiac frequency

  • VO2,max: maximal oxygen consumption

  • AT: anaerobic threshold

  • VE,max: maximal minute ventilation

  • VCO2: carbon dioxide production

  • VE/VCO2: ventilatory efficacy

  • SBBP: systolic blood pressure

  • #: determined only in 12 patients without a persistent foramen ovale

  • : at maximum exercise