Table 5

Predictive factors of length of duration of hospitalisation

Variable in the modelCoefficient
Fine I–II#Fine III, IV and VFine I–V+
Albumin mg·dL−1−1.5−1.4
Pleural effusion2.53.23.2
Pa,O2 mm·Hg§−0.058−0.075−0.08
Hospital D−3.9−3.07−3.2
Number of lobes involved1.591.4
Diastolic blood pressure−0.059−0.06
Hospital C−0.07−2.3
  • Pa,O2: arterial oxygen tension

  • #: correlation coefficient (r)=0.55

  • se=2.5, fvalue=8.7

  • : r=0.442, se=4.9, f value=8.3

  • +: r=0.471, se=4.6

  • f value=12.4

  • §: mm·Hg×0.133=kPa