Table 2

Pulsatile pulmonary haemodynamics in piglets 3 months after a sham operation, or systemic to pulmonary artery shunting, with intake of either a placebo or bosentan

Piglets n9109
ZO dyn·s·cm−5·m−2524±28895±35*470±25#
Z1 dyn·s·cm−5·m−260±5125±11*62±5#
ZC dyn·s·cm−5·m−268±6112±7*67±4#
Ph1 rad−0.65±0.11−0.50±0.09−0.45±0.07
fmin Hz3.5±0.44.3±0.53.1±0.5
Amp mm·Hg5.6±0.35.9±0.45.3±0.3
tfoot ms182±16113±9*128±19
tpos ms233±19168±7*185±26
tpeak ms326±18253±15*264±21
tneg ms434±17398±15370±28
Cycle ms506±22520±30428±35
  • ZO: 0 Hz impedance (total resistance)

  • Z1: first harmonic impedance

  • ZC: characteristic impedance

  • Ph1: first harmonic phase angle

  • fmin: frequency at the first minimum

  • Amp: amplitude of backward wave

  • tfoot: time to foot of backward wave

  • tpos: time to positive backward wave

  • tpeak: time to peak of backward wave

  • tneg: time to end of positive backward wave

  • cycle: time of a complete cycle of backward wave

  • *: p<0.05 sham versus placebo

  • #: p<0.05 placebo versus bosentan