Table 3

Levels of significance of the differences between the parameters under consideration and different inhalation devices calculated using a paired t‐test

HaloLite® versus LC Star®0.820.940.001
HaloLite® versus AKITA®0.0410.0010.002
HaloLite® versus AKITA®0.042<0.0010.003
 LC Star®
LC Star® versus AKITA®0.0070.010.034
LC Star® versus AKITA®0.0050.0080.031
 LC Star®
AKITA® Sidestream® versus0.0740.0310.036
 AKITA® LC Star®
  • Dt: total deposition

  • Dp: peripheral deposition

  • T50: time required to inhale 50 mg of α1‐protease inhibitor