Table 1

Anthropometric and lung function parameters of the study population

Mean±sd (range)
Anthropometric data
 Age yrs58±12
 Height cm170±11
 Weight kg78±25
Lung function parameters
 TLC L7.7±2.0
 TLC % pred123±20
 ITGV L5.3±1.5
 ITGV % pred163±36
 VC L3.7±1.2
 VC % pred96±20
 FEV1 L1.6±0.8 (0.3–3.1)
 FEV1 % pred54±22 (5–84)
 PEF L·s−15.1±2.0
 PEF % pred67±18
 Specific airway resistance kPa·s−11.6±1.0
  • Data represent values from six patients

  • TLC: total lung capacity

  • % pred: % predicited

  • ITGV: intrathoracic gas volume

  • IVC: inspiratory vital capacity

  • VC: vital capacity

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • PEF: peak expiratory flow