Table 3

Drugs used in the treatment of echinococcosis

Oral dosageDurationMaximum dose
Mebendazole40–50 mg·kg body weight−1·day−1 three times daily3–6 months for E. granulosus6 g·day−1
Albendazole#10–15 mg·kg body weight−1·day−1 twice daily3–6 months for E. granulosus and prolonged or lifelong for E. multilocularisUsually 800 mg·day−1
Praziquantel40 mg·kg body weight−1 once weeklyUncertainNA
  • E.: Echinococcus

  • NA: not available

  • #: preferred because it exhibits better bioavailability than mebendazole

  • : can combine with albendazole