Table 3

Direct and indirect challenge tests to monitor asthma during anti-inflammatory therapy

First author [ref. no.]YearCompoundDuration of treatment weeksDoseChallenge
Wiebicke et al. 1990Salbutamol+30.2/0.5 mg q.i.dHistamineSO2Ø
222 BDPMethacholineHypervent.Ø
Vathenen et al. 1991Budesonide6800 µg b.i.d.HistamineExercise
223 Cold air hypervent.
Fuller et al.2241991Budesonide31200 µg·day−1HistamineBradykinin
Groot et al. 2251992BDP8200 µg q.i.dHistamineDist. water
O'Connor et al. 1992Budesonide20.8 mg b.i.d.MethacholineMetabisulphite
210 AMP↓↓
Bootsma et al. 1995Fluticasone6750 µg·day−1HistamineDist. water
226 BDP1500 µg·day−1HistamineDist. water
Doull et al. 2111997BDP12400 µg·day−1MethacholineØBradykininØ
Du Toit et al. 1601997Budesonide81000 µg·day−1HistamineHypertonic saline↓↓
Weersinck et al. 1997Salmeterol650 µg b.i.d.MethacholineAdenosine
227 Fluticasone250 µg b.i.d.↓↓
Salmeterol+Fluticasone50+250 µg b.i.d.↓↓
Leff et al. 291998Montelukast1210 mg·day−1MethacholineØExercise↓↓
  • BDP: beclomethasone dipropionate

  • Dist. water: distilled water

  • ↓: modest reduction

  • ↓↓: more pronounced reduction

  • Ø: no change