Table 1

Demographical data, lung function, smoke history, reported respiratory symptoms and global self-rated health (SRH), among participants in the Bronchial Obstruction in Nord-Trøndelag (BONT) study phase I random sample (5% random sample of the total population) and symptom group (those reporting ever having had asthma, ever use of asthma medications or attacks of wheezing or breathlessness during the last 12 months)

Characteristics5% Random sampleSymptom group#
Number1510 (85.5)1281 (83.7)4254 (82.2)3896 (79.4)
Age yrs49.6±16.550.1±16.150.1±17.151.5±17.0
Weight kg70.8±12.583.7±12.472.7±14.284.4±13.7
Height cm163.9±6.4177.4±7.1163.7±6.4176.6±6.7
Body mass index kg·m−226.3±4.426.5±3.427.2±5.227.0±3.9
Lung function
 FEV1 L+2.80 (96.4)3.82 (94.3)2.56 (88.6)3.40 (84.8)
 FVC L+3.44 (97.5)4.85 (97.3)3.25 (92.6)4.52 (92.2)
Smoking habit
 Current smoker30.029.637.336.2
 Pack-yrs in ever smokers§11.5±8.815.5±14.8**12.9±9.917.9±15.6**
Respiratory symptoms/diseases
 Attacks of wheezing or breathlessness during the last 12 months13.713.973.073.3
 Ever having had asthma8.68.454.553.4
 Ever having used asthma medication8.17.953.346.6**
 Current asthma5.64.633.830.9**
 Daily coughing in periods15.317.6**47.844.4**
 Cough with phlegm8.410.227.928.7
 Chronic bronchitis3.25.1*12.614.4*
Global SRH
 Not so good27.423.1*44.839.9**
 Very good14.716.17.16.8
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or mean (%) unless otherwise stated

  • #: excluded those who reported symptoms in the 5% random sample

  • : (per cent of those invited to BONT phase I among participants at the main screening)

  • +: % predicted

  • §: adjusted by age. In each sample the difference by sex was tested by the Chi-squared test for proportions and variance analyses for mean number of pack-yrs

  • FEV1: forced expiratory flow in one second

  • FVC: forced vital capacity

  • SRH: self related health

  • *: p<0.05

  • **: p<0.01