Table 2

Estimates of family-borne, nonwaged and waged time lost and healthcare costs for all 25,855 children in the UK aged 1–5 yrs who received secondary care for wheeze or asthma during a 12-month period in 1998/1999

Family-borne million GBPNonwaged time million GBPWaged time million GBPHealthcare million GBPTotal million GBP
Illness at home0.26
GP consultations2.66
Practice nurse consultations0.070.650.170.13
Prescription items0.69
A&E attendances0.
Inpatient days0.260.420.836.29
Outpatient attendances0.
Regular family expenditure0.39
Proportion of overall costs %
  • GBP: UK pounds

  • GP: general practitioner

  • A&E: accident and emergency department