The association of transition dyspnoea index (TDI) focal scores with other respiratory outcome measures at the end of 6 months

Total cohortNative English speaking countriesNon­native English speaking countries
TDIDD change from baselineTDIDD change from baselineTDIDD change from baseline
SGRQ symptom change−0.330.27−0.410.35−0.290.23
SGRQ activity change−0.330.23−0.370.29−0.310.19
SGRQ impact change−0.320.26−0.380.31−0.300.23
SGRQ total change−0.400.31−0.460.37−0.380.27
DD score change−0.29−0.35−0.25
FEV1 change0.21−0.230.24−0.240.19−0.22
FVC change0.16−0.210.18−0.210.16−0.21
PGE change0.28−0.470.29−0.450.27−0.48
  • DD: dyspnoea diary

  • SGRQ: St. George's respiratory questionnaire

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FVC: forced vital capacity

  • PGE: physician's global evaluation