Table 3

Sensitivity analysis by time horizon

Sensitivity analysisICER ·QALY−1
ParameterRange tested5 yrsLifespan
Age yrs
RR stroke (untreated)1.353–1.7067861–78234938–4634
Utility gain
 Present study0.013–0.12642235–457317544–3021
 Ref. 70.112–0.3675142–15763366–1092
 Ref. 360.09–0.166388–36064103–2418
Benefit of nCPAP on blood pressure %100–257861–79164938–5381
Drop-out rate0.1–0.57861–93814938–5286
Cost of nCPAP 358–6227861–114444938–8114
Discount rate0.01–0.057723–80014603–4938
Separate discountCost 0.06; effectiveness 0.01536533008
  • ICER: incremental cost-effectiveness ratio

  • : Euro

  • QALY: quality-adjusted life year

  • RR: relative risk

  • nCPAP: nasal continuous positive airway pressure