Table 1—

Comparison between children with preschool viral wheeze (PVW) after stratification for serum total immunoglobulin (Ig)E during an acute attack

Serum total IgE
≤95th percentile>95th percentile
Subjects n2123
Age months29 (17–38)38 (31–47)
Eczema present n98
Parental history of asthma n1913
First attack of PVW n44
Previous PVW and no interval symptoms n1214
Previous PVW with interval symptoms n55
Number of previous attacks of PVW n3 (2–7)5 (2–7)
uLTE4 during acute PVW ng·mM creatinine−1150 (77–217)211 (118–312)*
Fall in uLTE4 on convalescence ng·mM creatinine−134 (−93–160)+84 (36–131)#,§
  • Data are presented as median (interquartile range) unless otherwise stated

  • uLTE4: urinary leukotriene E4

  • : mean (95% confidence interval)

  • +: n=5

  • §: n=14

  • The 95th percentile of IgE based on 14 (<3 yrs 74 kU·L−1, 3–5 yrs 87 kU·L−1)

  • *: p<0.05 versus normal controls by Mann-Whitney U‐test

  • #: p<0.05 versus acute levels by paired t‐test