Table 1—

Troubleshooting of crucial issues of pressure support ventilation

ProblemPotential causeCorrective measure
Inspiratory trigger failureAir leakAdjust mask or change type
AutocyclingReduce trigger sensitivity
Increased work of breathingAdjust trigger sensitivity or change to a flow trigger if pressure trigger used
Inadequate pressurisationPressure rise time too longReduction of pressure rise time
Pressure support too lowIncrease inspiratory pressure
Failure to cycle into expirationAir leak leading to “inspiratory hang up”Adjust mask or consider switch from nasal to face mask
High end-inspiratory flowIncrease end-inspiratory flow threshold and set time limit for inspiration
CO2 rebreathingSingle circuit with no true exhalation valveUse two lines and use nonrebreathe valve
High respiratory rateLower respiratory rate
No PEEPAdd PEEP to lavage mask
Large mask dead spaceReduce dead space with padding
  • CO2: carbon dioxide

  • PEEP: positive end-expiratory pressure