Table 4—

Proportion of parents giving an appropriate response to questions in asthma knowledge questionnaire

True/falseCorrect response given %
Asthma can be a serious diseaseT9596
More than one in 10 children will have asthma at some time during childhoodT7273
Children with asthma have abnormally sensitive air passages in their lungsT7178
Wheeze may be due to muscles tightening in the air passages of the lungT7282
Wheeze may be due to swelling in the air passages in their lungsT5669
Most children with asthma will have poor growthF7170
Children with frequent asthma should have preventative drugsT8987
Inhaled steroids are the most common treatment for asthmaT8987
Medication can help but cannot cure asthmaT9392
Inhaled steroids have fewer side effects than other drugsT3941
Children can become addicted to their asthma drugsF6866
Antibiotics are important in the management of asthmaF3649
  • T: true

  • F: false