Table 3—

Parental beliefs about asthma medication and perceived efficacy of current medication

Cases nControls nChi-squareddfOR for factor level95% CI
Asthma medication is likely to prevent an attack if given regularly and on time0.142
It is important to use the preventative inhaler even when my child does not have symptoms0.682
Perceived efficacy of the prophylactic7.241
 Very effective74921.00
 Somewhat effective37192.291.22–4.28
Perceived efficacy of the bronchodilator0.021
 Very effective52511.00
 Somewhat effective59600.960.55–1.68
Reluctant to use prophylactic5.231
Reluctant to use bronchodilator1.521
My child is likely to have an asthma attack in the next three months6.282
Even when my child is well I worry about him/her having an asthma attack0.082
  • df: degrees of freedom

  • OR: odds ratio

  • CI: confidence interval