Table 4

Group 1 licences (continued)

CountryAfter licenseFurther informationLicense Returned after Tx
DriverDoctorPoliceCourtOtherDriverReport DrQuestion DrSleep specialistOther specialistOther Tx efficacyFw-up
 B+++NeuYY#2 yr
 F++++ préfet+++YNV
 E++++YN2 yr
 P++++Adminis+NeuYN1 yr
 L+ C+ C+++N
 NLNeu§Y§Y§1 yr§
 CH+ ¶¶++++YN1 yr
  • Tx: treatment

  • Fw-up: follow-up

  • V: variable

  • Neu: neurologist

  • B: Belgium

  • F: France

  • UK: United Kingdom

  • E: Spain

  • S: Sweden

  • P: Portugal

  • AU: Austria

  • DK: Denmark

  • Fin: Finland

  • GR: Greece

  • I: Italy

  • IRL: Ireland

  • L: Luxembourg

  • NL: Netherlands

  • D: Germany

  • N: Norway

  • CH: Switzerland

  • #: narcolepsy, 6 months without symptoms, sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS) 1 month after efficient Tx started

  • : narcolepsy, 2-yr max, SAS 2 yr once without limitation if normal after 2 yr

  • +: Board of doctor(s) appointed by the Licensing Authority (from a list among general practitioners and/or specialists)

  • §: for the case of reported loss of consciousness

  • ƒ: informs the police

  • ##: physician act and road traffic act obligate physicians (and license holders) to report to the county medical officer

  • ¶¶: any doctor is allowed to report any disorder which may constitute a public hazard

  • ++: mandatory disclosure