Table 3

Existing regulations concerning Group 1 licences

CountryRegulationsDateDisordersInitial applicationRepeated
 BY03/98+++ QYC#(+)
 FY05/97+++++ QN
 GBY03/98++++ QY
 EY06/97+++Insomnia (hypnotics)++2 yr
Circadian rhythm disorders
 SY06/96+++Ronchopathy+ QN+§
 PN##+ QNC+ƒ
 DKN##+ C>70
 LN+ CAt age 50, 60, 70, then every 3 yrs after 70 yrs, every year after 80 yrs
 NL++Y/N1994Disturbances of consciousness other than epilepsyƒƒ+ QNNot until 70 yrs
 NN##+ QN¶¶+¶¶No
 CHN##QN+ƒ>70: 2 yr
  • EU: countries belonging to the European Union

  • Non-EU: not belonging to the EU

  • EDS: excessive daytime sleepiness

  • SAS: sleep apnoea syndrome

  • Narco: narcolepsy

  • PLMS: periodic leg movement syndrome

  • IH: idiopathic hypersomnolence

  • Y: yes

  • N: no

  • C: certificate

  • Q: questionnaire

  • QY: the questionnaire includes question(s) concerning EDS

  • QN: questionnaire includes no question concerning EDS

  • B: Belgium

  • F: France

  • UK: United Kingdom

  • E: Spain

  • S: Sweden

  • P: Portugal

  • AU: Austria

  • DK: Denmark

  • Fin: Finland

  • GR: Greece

  • I: Italy

  • IRL: Ireland

  • L: Luxembourg

  • NL: Netherlands

  • D: Germany

  • N: Norway

  • CH: Switzerland

  • #: if applicant cannot complete all items in the questionnaire

  • : only if driver is a danger to themself or others

  • +: medical centre specific for driver evaluation

  • §: mandatory disclosure

  • ƒ: any doctor is allowed to report any disorder which may constitute a public hazard

  • ##: general rule, medical conditions that impair the ability to drive safely

  • ¶¶: physician act and road traffic act obligate physicians (and license holders) to report to the county medical officer

  • ++: responded, but did not complete the questionnaire

  • §§: did not respond

  • ƒƒ: includes syncope, narcoleptic episodes, cataplectic attacks, and SAS