Table 1—

Subject characteristics

GroupSubjects nMales nAge yrsAtopics nFEV1 % predFEV1/FVC %FEF50 % predβ2-induced change in FEV1 %Log DRS
Asthma (NS)19338±3+1193±278±169±37±12.5±0.1#
Asthma (no NS)21528±21289±279±267±48±12.5±0.1#
  • Data are presented as mean±sem, unless otherwise indicated

  • NS: nocturnal symptoms

  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FVC: forced vital capacity

  • FEF50: forced expiratory flow at 50% of FVC

  • Log DRS: logarithm of the dose-response slope of methacholine

  • #: p<0.001 compared with controls

  • : p<0.01 compared with controls

  • +: p<0.05 compared with asthmatics without NS