Table 4—

Multivariate test of possible risk factors for wheezing and allergic sensitisation at 1 yr of age using logistic regression in 42 children with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis and 84 controls#

Risk factorWheezingRecurrent wheezingSensitisation
p-valueOR95% CIp-valueOR95% CIp-valueOR95% CI
RSV bronchiolitis<0.000110.323.56–29.960.018.921.42–55.88<0.00120.663.53–120.75
 By father0.851.120.36–3.46
 By mother0.018.421.51–46.810.680.680.11––72.21
 During pregnancy0.410.500.10–2.600.026.451.52–27.230.791.310.19–9.10
Double heredity atopy0.591.310.25–11.58
Male sex<–12.05<0.0112.22.37–62.5
More than one sibling0.192.250.68–7.460.292.140.52–8.81
  • OR: odds ratio

  • CI: confidence interval

  • #: risk factors with a p-value <0.10 in Fisher’s exact test (from table 3) were entered