Table 2—

Number of children with bronchial obstructive symptoms, atopic dermatitis and allergic sensitisation at 1 yr of age in the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis and control groups

SymptomRSV groupControl groupSignificance
p-valueOR95% CI
Total subjects4284
Recurrent wheezing#133<0.00112.103.22–45.55
Atopic dermatitis7160.810.850.32–2.26
IgE >0.35 kU·L−1142<0.00120.504.38–95.89
 Food-specific IgE141<0.00156.447.15–445.59
 Inhalant-specific IgE210.266.380.64–63.39
  • Data are presented as n unless otherwise stated

  • OR: odds ratio

  • CI: confidence interval

  • Ig: immunoglobulin

  • U: units

  • #: three episodes of bronchial obstruction