Table 1—

Evaluation of background factors in 42 children with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis and 84 control children at 1 yr of age

Background FactorRSV groupControl groupp-value
Single heredity for atopy17490.09
Double heredity for atopy690.57
Heredity for asthma9130.46
Double heredity for asthma450.48
Male sex18361.00
 By father18200.04
 By mother1813<0.01
 During pregnancy169<0.001
Indoor furred animals9200.83
Number of siblings1.33±1.160.51±0.75<0.0001
Mean duration of pregnancy39.3±1.339.6±1.10.10
Mean birth weight g3456±3683510±3990.60
Breastfeeding months1.9±2.62.0±2.80.98
Mean weight at follow-up kg9.6±0.99.7±1.10.85
Mean height at follow-up cm76.0±3.075.6±3.20.56
  • Data are presented as n or mean±sd