Table 5—

Absolute changes in prevalence from the laboratory study between 1992–1993 and 1998–1999 for symptoms, physician diagnosis and treatment, by atopic status#

Wheezing ever10.49.0
Wheezing in last year4.78.7
Woken wheezing in last year3.56.6
Woken breathless in last year01.5
Woken with chest tightness in last year−0.85.2
Woken coughing in last year7.03.0
Asthma attack in last year1.73.9
Mean change in prevalence rates3.85.4
Current asthma medication1.43.1
Asthma ever diagnosed by doctor2.55.7
Overall mean increase3.45.2
Hay fever ever6.913.9
  • Data are presented %.

  • #: participant numbers, nonatopic versus atopic: 1992–1993, 471 versus 155; 1998–1999, 424 versus 191