Table 4—

Results of the multiple logistic regression analysis for qualified candidate variables

Adjusted odds ratiop-value95% CI
Age (continuous)1.020.0261.0–1.04
Renal comorbidity5.10.0571.0–26.7
Cardiac comorbidity2.70.0281.1–6.4
Infiltrate other than alveolar2.50.0081.3–5.0
Age≥70 yrs2.00.0331.1–3.9
Renal comorbidity5.00.0571.0–26.5
Cardiac comorbidity2.90.0141.2–6.9
Interaction analysis#
 Age versus renal0.114
 Age versus cardiac0.004
 Age versus infiltrate0.008
 Renal versus cardiac0.110
 Renal versus infiltrate0.657
 Cardiac versus infiltrate0.055
  • CI: confidence interval

  • Adjusted odds ratios are reported for the risk of undiagnosed episode of community-acquired pneumonia

  • #: for categorised variable age

  • : odds ratio for continuous variable