Table 4—

Comparison of predicted values for subjects aged 70 yrs, age regression coefficients, and variation around regression from previous reference value studies

First author [ref. no.] FEV1FEV1/FVC%
Subjects nPred#AgeRSDPred#AgeRSDPred#AgeRSDPred#AgeRSD
Present study713.03−0.0440.552.10−0.0410.3674.2−0.305.876.6−0.446.5
Enright 37772.80−0.0270.512.13−0.0330.3073.2−0.296.975.4−0.246.7
Crapo 22513.14−0.0240.492.11−0.0260.3377.8−0.154.876.6−0.255.3
Gulsvik 94703.172.2083.3−0.094.380.7−0.104.6
Quanjer 52.79−0.0290.511.97−0.0250.3874.6−−0.196.5
Hankinson 474292.872.1773.6−0.2175.9−0.21
Knudson 101122.75−0.0290.522.16−0.0400.3879.3−0.116.378.8−0.197.6
  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • FVC: forced vital capacity.

  • #: predicted (Pred) values for age 70 yrs, height 170 cm for males and 160 cm for females

  • : residual standard deviation (RSD) from the linear regression model containing intercept, height, and age