Table 5—

Correlation between response variables and potential predictors

Potential predictorsFEV1 %DSS change
Duration of asthma−0.085*−0.0011
Per cent predicted FEV1 at baseline−0.15*0.053*
Per cent reversibility of FEV1 at baseline0.28*−0.022
β-agonist use at baseline0.039−0.091*
FEV1 at baseline−0.0330.079*
DSS at baseline0.033−0.28*
PEFAM at baseline0.073*0.042
β-agonist use % at week 3#−0.20*0.34*
FEV1 % at week 3#0.58*−0.24*
DSS change at week 3−0.27*0.71*
PEFAM change at week 30.23*−0.24*
  • FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second

  • DSS: daytime symptom score

  • PEFAM: morning peak expiratory flow

  • #: per cent change from baseline

  • : change from baseline

  • *: p<0.05